Monday, May 06, 2002

Europe going to hell

Latest Euro-event, Pim Fortuyn, the gay Dutch right-winger has been shot dead. Andrew Sullivan has made some interesting comments on the issue. Is it just me, or has Europe suddenly gone apeshit all of a sudden.

I don't know how this is going to affect upcoming Dutch elections....

After reading all the blogers write about Mr. Fortuyn, I'm willing to admit my ignorance on the subject. Right-winger is not a very descriptive term for this man (the term seems to be less and less worthwhile generally). My initial reaction to an anti-immigration viewpoint is extremely negative, but, as an American, I can't really compare our own wave of Latino immigration (which I see as a long-term benefit) into a large and already diverse nation, to the situation in the Netherlands, a very small country facing large immigration from a long-disenfranchised Islamic population. I am still worried that traditional rightist groups in Europe will seize this opportunity to impose their long extinguished totalitarian viewpoints.

What can I say... I'm not terribly impressed by continental Europe's track record for the 20th century, and I'm not optimistic enough to believe things have changed all that much, especially considering anti-Semitic events in Europe over the last few months.