Friday, May 17, 2002

Instapundit Addiction

Now there hasn’t been much posted to Mojonet in quite some time. I blame Glenn Reynolds and his Instapundit site. It isn’t bad enough that the man is posting constantly, making me constantly check his sight during working hours, but he makes me check when I get home. I used to be content growing fat in front of the boob toob, watching my history channel and major news outlets…. Now I must grow fat checking my sweet, sweet linkage. Disturbing how the blogosphere takes over your brain.
Spam is Fun

Now I love porn as much as the next straight man without significant female companionship (oh, pity poor Captain Mojo), but I think this most recent spam to fall into the inbox goes too far. Now I know different strokes for different folks, but who is interested in 3 foot telescoping demon cock? Of course large penises have a large following among many, and robotics and demonology are both fascinating areas, I’m sure. But to combine all of these into a single focus of filth is extraordinary.

In the interest of journalism, I examined this email thoroughly, and found this fascinating piece of advertising nothing more than a cheap advert for an anime-style porn site. Somehow disappointing for such a novel combination of whacked-out fetishes.